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has been designed by the best engineers in the industry and is proven to be efficient and long lasting. Every part is quality manufactured and tested. Standard features include heavy gauge Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel for durability or Flexible Enamel Industrial Coatings .

The soft flexible vinyl sox are strong and long lasting
They bring the blower pressure Extremely close to the vehicle without damage.
They are good for any CarWash Rollover, Conveyor  High Pressure or Cloth.  Works really well with hand CarWash.  Speeds up productivity and cuts down the need for Manpower.  Available in 7 1/2 horsepower 10 horsepower all combinations
2 -7 1/2 horsepower starting at $6900   2013 price.  Infrared Optical options with time delays available.  Motor starter and protection for quick and easy install also available at low prices.  Voltages from 110 volt AC, 208 volt AC, 220 volts AC, to 460-480 volts AC.
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