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Today’s automobile owner washes more frequently and is willing to spend more money to maintain and even enhance the performance and the looks of the investment. These people realize that cloth Car Wash equipment not only pose a danger to windshield wipers and antennas that the danger to the automobiles finish , paints and clear coats, become all too evident after even a few washes, but do they know the whole story The common misconception that hand car washing is better couldn't be further from the truth.

Micro Abrasive Particles

agitated in circular or random motions cause more damage than straight line scratches called striations. Striations can be repaired or filled and are less detectable than circular or random scratches. Any Micro Abrasive Particle Damage is easily detectable on dark and black vehicles, when the corners of the vehicle appear to look gray, and white vehicles damage appears to look yellow. Micro Abrasive Particle Damage also holds dirt on the vehicle and makes it more difficult to clean.